Thursday, September 4, 2008

Colorado Lagoon Restoration

Colorado Lagoon

According to an article in today's Grunion Gazette:

The City's Planning Commission is set to certify the Enivornmental Impact Report (EIR) for restoration of Colorado Lagoon!

You can read the entire EIR, which describes the plan and all the expected impacts here:


The primary goal of the restoration is to address the poor water quality that afflicts the lagoon and often prevents swimming and other uses. For example, the EIR describes plans to improve storm drains so that pollutant-laden runoff only enters the lagoon in the largest rains.

However, restoration of natural areas is also included in the plans!

Several areas of wetlands will be formed along the margins of the lagoon, and a "bird island" will be created. Eel grass beds in the open water will be restored.

For more details, also check out the Friends of Colorado Lagoon.

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Rachel said...

This is great news. I love taking my daughter to bird-watch at the Lagoon and it always makes me sad to see how dirty the water is.

Love your blog, BTW. Thanks for compiling all this information.