Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sims' Pond Biological Reserve

CommunityWalk Map - Sims' Pond

Sims' Pond Sign

This park is operated by the City of Long Beach, but it is entirely inaccessible. A chain-link fence blocks off all access from the streets, and the other boundaries of the park are abutted by private property. [See Bailey's explanation below.]

The Los Ceritos Wetland Stewards hosts occasional clean-ups of this park, so you can contact them ( about accessing the pond on those dates.

Sims Pond

Still, walking along the exterior of the park on Loynes or PCH provides an opportunity for bird watching and appreciating the pond itself.


The pond is almost entirely ringed with wetlands. Bulrushes (Scirpus acutus and Scirpus californicus) and cattails (Typha dominguensis and Typha latifolia) stand tall right at the water's edge. Tiny duckweed (Lemna sp.) float in the open water, covering the pond with an opaque green mat.

On higher ground, several species of willow grow. Their fluffy seeds catch sunset light beautifully.


These tall trees provide excellent roosting for birds, such as this black-crowned night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax):

Nycticorax nycticorax

The pond provides food for the herons. I spied one heron struggling to eat a fish it had caught:


The LB Transit 171 and Passport-D bus take you this park.


BAILEY said...

Sims Pond Preserve was created and established for the visual appreciation of all the lot owners and the general community at large.The expense,maintenance, and care of the pond was the responsibility of the Homeowners Association until about a year ago when it was deeded over to the City of Long Beach. The private property abutted to the preserve was something the homeowner's were willing to pay extra for, and is considered a priviledge, even though they are also restricted from entering the reserve without approval from the City. I don't believe the City is providing these homeowners with a private backyard as you stated. I believe the City of Long Beach is providing a safe habitat for so many Birds that humans have encroached upon and taken the land for their own. Sims Pond is an example of how we can both live side by side and not disrupt the nature of things.

Ruth said...

Interesting! I never realized that this was there. I can see the shrubbery and land as I make my way to work. I'm always looking out for hawks and falcons in this area.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ruth,
Interesting response. On John Baileys Sims Pond Blog he has produced some most brilliant photos inside Sims Pond. There is a magnificent photo of one of three Shaker Falcons right in our own back yard. Other photos are incredible. View site is from 5744 Madrid Lane. Facing on Sims Pond.
Best wishes,
R. Harris

Anonymous said...

For many months, all the business's and homeowners living in Del Ago, Bay Harbor, Whalers Cove, Pathways, Channel Point etc. every morning around 7 AM daily we are woken up by all the working being done on the PCH side of Sims pond. When is this noise and work going to end at Sims Pond.